Marketing & Campaign Strategy

Strategy Development

Our team works with you to ensure that we consider your marketing goals. Your campaign should not function in silos. With an integrated strategy for marketing your business online, our team focuses on offering cost-effective web advertising, viral and word of mouth marketing, on-line promotions, traditional and social PR efforts, blogging, and overall branding strategies to build your business. We also evaluate each program and provide solid feedback and learning’s. This helps us both to build the experience for the next blitz and make a strong ROI for your investment.

Catch It!— Viral Marketing Campaigns

A goal of a viral marketing campaign includes widespread public recognition and buzz starting a grassroots level. Using word of mouth, key blogger contacts and social media marketing tactics, we can help develop your campaign strategy to position it towards the ideal demographic for optimum exposure. Further support through web ad er

Analytics & ROI

Developing any social media or marketing strategy for your brand is the first step to developing your presence online. To create true ROI for your investment, it is important to create a series of tracking and analyzing tools. Accurate measurement of your strategy will allow for a continual refining of plans, a better overall investment and help to elevate your brand faster.