Partner Solutions 6-Pack-Partner Solutions

BowWow with ThunderDuck Productions & CannonBall Creative
Trusted partners working for common solutions.

  • Our Scalable team. Includes specialists that jump in and out of products as required so companies only invest in what they need, not staff that is not working on their project!
  • No egos. Our team works with companies of all sizes, in all industries!
  • VP Level Thinking. Our three core team members, Bow Wow Marketing & PR, Thunderduck Productions and Cannonball Creative all run successful, independent companies that have come together for the benefit of our clients.
  • Big Agency Style Contributions. From VPs and Senior Project Managers, to Web Masters and Senior Designers, we bring results and high ROI.
  • Affordable Pricing Structure. With big agencies, come big fees. A VP bills out at $250/hr. You won’t get that here! We customize your program in a simple to understand pricing structure, done monthly, so you know what to expect. No hourly cost surprises!
  • Customizable. No cookie cutter programs.
  • Dedicated Services. Over 40 years combined experience and repeat customers!
  • Measured Results. All services come with detailed reporting to ensure increased ROI for your business.
See downloadable PDF.