Social Media

Social Media is the new media…but not all types are appropriate for all products or clients. We work with you to and create a solution to maximize the effectiveness of existing Social Media channels at a reasonable cost, with minimal resource allocation. Our strategy maximizes Social Media channels to your benefit, while staying in line with your outlined cost and resources.

Our solution helps your organization learn how to allocate resources for Social Media and Social Networking projects to assure that your social media initiative accurately and realistically aligns with the company’s strategy and business objectives. We will monitor your implementation of Social Media and Social Networking projects, and advise on possible solutions to optimize time and to suit your needs.

Social Media Audit

To garner a deeper understanding of how your Social Media presence is performing, and see some hard return on your investment, a Social Media Audit is executed. During this process we audit your Social Media presence and present data illustrating how well – or how poorly – social media is performing for your business. It also gives us a benchmark for future achievements.

Facebook & Blogger Strategies

Social Media/ Facebook Strategies Our goal is to monitor and create engaging social media sites that drive consumer traffic via specialized promotions and contests. We also believe in database sharing.. your web site fans should also be your FB fans—right??! With a strategy plan for FB growth, we can grow your site with REAL fans who will actively engage and use coupons and other resources we can perform or teach you to use. With regular monitoring, a social media campaign can be a strong Brand builder.